Your First Time in a Floatation Tank: What to Expect

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If you are interested in floatation therapy, you are probably wondering what it is like. Many individuals who have tried floatation therapy have written about the experiences. While they were nervous prior to entering the tank, these individuals ultimately enjoyed floatation and found themselves relaxing while experiencing the pleasant sensation of floating.

Entering the Tank

Many individuals report feeling nervous before entering the tank as the do not know what to expect. To quell nerves, many floatation centers first instruct their customers to notice how in control of the situation they are. They show them that the door works easily, and that they can use the tank with the door open or closed. They also explain that the tank is not airtight, and a circulation system keeps air fresh. The tank is very humid, and it consists of about 10 inches of water with about 800 pounds of dissolved Epsom salt. This is what creates the buoyancy that allows you to float. You will also have to shower before you enter the tank, and you may choose to use earplugs because your ears will be submerged.

Initial Feelings

One individual describes beginning to meditate upon entering the tank. She felt soothed and nurtured by the tank, and after 5-10 minutes she began to move toward deep relaxation. She also noticed areas where her body stores tension. This individual describes feeling as if her body was moving and spiraling. Another floater also stated that they had surreal sensations of moving around the tank despite being stationary. They also felt strange at being able to see nothing but darkness.

Beginning to Relax

One floater stated that she had moments of described “nothingness,” yet she also felt intruded upon by random thoughts and small feelings in different areas of her body. Another felt that everyone should experience sensory deprivation because it shows us how our daily experiences in terms of seeing, hearing, and feeling are completely constructed by our minds. They stated that they sometimes felt as if they were in a giant room despite being in a much smaller, isolated tank. In addition, this floater sometimes felt uncomfortable with the marked lack of stimulation, and became hyper-aware of their own body.

Floaters note that you often do not achieve the full experience of floating the first time, and repeat attempts are suggested. The full experience of floating involves producing slower brainwaves, which provides you with a similar sensation to just before you fall asleep. Floating will also reduce blood pressure and heart rate, leaving you calm and relaxed.

Have questions about “jumping into” floating? Continue to read our blog or feel free to contact us for more information. You can also check out our “New to Floating?” page for additional info.

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