Winter Is Coming! Float the Winter Blues Away

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With winter approaching, you’re probably preparing to get through those gloomy months with fewer sunny days and less outdoor activity. Shorter days, lower temperatures, and lack of sufficient exercise all lead to some dark days. Here’s how floatation can help you during those freezing months.

Understand Winter’s Effects

During the winter, many people feel the effects of decreased sunlight. They experience stress, depression, lethargy, loss of interest in daily activities, increased consumption of carbohydrates, a lack of focus, and more. Some of these effects are signs of disorders, like seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Experts believe that the cause of SAD and other issues lies in a disruption of sleep patterns and circadian rhythm because of lack of sunlight. A decrease in serotonin, a hormone that affects moods, may also stem from the lack of daylight.

People who experience bouts of depression repeatedly every winter, followed each spring and summer with an upswing in mood, likely have SAD. Anyone can get it, but it’s more prevalent in women, people living far from the equator, and close relatives of people who have SAD already.

Care for Your Body

Many ways exist to help combat or prevent the onset of winter’s glum effects and the disorders that may stem from them. These include consumption of vitamin D, using sun or light boxes, and floatation therapy.

A floatation experience can help you fight off the stress, anxiety, depression, and the cold. You can feel comfortable again, even in a raging blizzard. As you rest in total darkness, your senses disconnect from the world, improving focus, balance, and an overall sense of well-being. The tension headaches slip away, the tight muscles in your back loosen, and the achy joints find relief in the warmth and comfort of the isolation tank. If total darkness or absolute silence are uncomfortable for you, you can have low lighting or soft music added to the experience.

Schedule Your Escape

As other seasons do, winter can fill up with activities. Some suggest this may be a way to fight off boredom or depression. Whatever the reason, as winter sets in, our schedules fill up with holiday parties, family gatherings, and school events. Fitting in some escape time to center yourself becomes an afterthought.

Don’t let that happen. Make a time to come in for a floatation session regularly and don’t overbook yourself so you have to ditch something. When that happens, the first thing we tend to toss aside is us time. Make it a priority to care for yourself, especially during the darkest days of December or the coldest days of the new year.

If you are dreading the coming months, clinging to every bit of sunshine you can get this fall or are already looking toward the spring, why not take the time now to set aside time to treat yourself to a floatation session with at Northwest Float Center? Call today to schedule your appointment.

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