What to Wear to Your Float Session

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The clothing you wear to get to the float center may not seem that important when planning a float session. After all, most people don’t wear anything into the tank. But if you want to get the most out of your session, make sure you are prepared mentally on the way in and are comfortable on the way out. Here are a are a few things to consider when you know a float session is in your future.

You Want to Be Comfortable Before and After Your Session

You may be coming directly from the office, but whenever possible, try to wear loose-fitting clothing that you can easily move in. After your session, your muscles will feel relaxed, and stepping back into a rigid or constricting garment can be bothersome. If you do have to come directly from work, consider bringing a change of clothes and switching outfits before you leave for your session.

You Don’t Want to Think About Work

Wearing clothes that are professional or work-oriented gear you up for activity. While this isn’t a bad thing most of the time, when you’re heading in to a relaxation session, you want your body and mind to be prepared for rest. Try wearing casual clothing that you’d be comfortable lounging around the house in. We’re often so focused on presenting a good image when we go out that it can be hard to think about leaving the house to relax. By wearing comfortable, non-professional clothes, you send your body the signal that it can take it easy.

Colors Affect Your Mood

Strange as it sounds, it’s true. The comfort and style of your clothing isn’t the only factor to consider in your clothing choices. Studies have shown that the most calming colors are lighter shades of green and blue. Purple is next on the list with many soothing properties as well.

Bright, warm colors like red, orange, or yellow can excite, rather than calm, and should be avoided when you’re about to float. To send the signal to your mind that you’re entering a time for rest, pick out clothes that are calm in pattern and hue.

Clothing may not be the most important thing on your mind when you’re heading out to the float center, but this seemingly small detail can go a long way toward getting the most out of your session. It takes only a few minutes to do, so next time make sure you wear comfortable clothes in calming colors.

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