What to Expect: A Beginner’s Guide to Floatation

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So you’ve spent time researching the impressive list of benefits associated with floatation and you are ready to take the plunge. But what is the experience actually like? What can you expect when you come in for your scheduled float?

How is the Tank Set Up?

The floatation chamber may look like something out of a science fiction movie, but do not be alarmed. The chamber doors are surprisingly light, and the tanks are not airtight. You have plenty of oxygen to breathe. Air circulates within the tank to keep the internal environment feeling fresh.

Speaking of environment, it is very humid. This should be unsurprising, as the water is warm enough to help you lose track of your sense of touch. The tank is filled with 9”-11” of water, and has several hundred pounds of Epsom salt dissolved in the solution. The water is very dense, so you can float. Even though your ears are below water, your body is completely at peace. There is no way your body will sink.

How to Prepare

The point of the tank is to remain as relaxed as possible. There are some steps you should take the day of your first floatation therapy.

Stay Hairy. Cut out your wax appointment, leave a little stubble on your chin, and skip shaving your legs. Remember all that Epsom salt? Waxed and shaved areas of your body are very sensitive to the salt, and it will sting. Band aids will be easily loosened and removed, too, so do not bother covering the wounds. Petroleum jelly is effective at covering open cuts.

Never use the tanks with rashes. Rashes and skin diseases can infect the tank’s water. If the water gets into a wound seeping body fluids, other medical complications may occur. Everyone should shower right before a floatation tank session anyway. This eliminates bacteria buildup.

Do not take stimulants before a session. Energy drinks, coffee, and nicotine make it more difficult to relax in the tank’s water. Stimulants increase adrenaline, inciting anxiety and keeping the mind racing.

Avoid depressants as well. Alcohol, barbiturates, and other mind-altering chemicals can make the tank a difficult experience.

Enjoy Yourself!

Discover the benefits of floatation therapy and make an appointment with Northwest Float Center today. Go in with an open mind and your experience is sure to be a good one. Float in a position that is comfortable to you.

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