What the Media Has to Say About Floating

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There has been a major influx of float centers in cities across the country, and the media has taken notice. These facilities have been featured on major news networks, talk shows, TV, movies, and magazines. So what does the media have to say about this latest trend in health and wellness?

What Is It?

First of all, what is a float center? These locations use sensory isolation tanks to administer floatation therapy, which is a lot like it sounds: floating in a lightproof and soundproof tank free from the external stimuli that overwhelms us throughout the day. This therapy allows the users, also called floaters, to relax in a weightless environment. Muscles unwind, pain subsides, and mental acuity improves in this environment.

What Does the Media Have to Say?

Floatation therapy has been around for roughly 50 years and is now experiencing a resurgence in popularity. The media is always quick to find and explore new trends, including those in healthcare. The following is a list of ways the media is reintroducing floatation therapy:

  • Vouge, Time Magazine, and Men’s Journal. Popular fashion, news, and health magazines have caught the floatation therapy bug and sent reporters to try it out and write about their experiences. “The immersion had done what I had hoped: I’d found a way of rediscovering my mind,” said Nathan Heller of Vogue.
  • Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and New York Times. These major newspapers also sent reporters to experience sensory isolation. Jason Moyer of Washington Post said “the world seemed enhanced, like watching HDTV” after his experience.
  • NightLine ABC News and CNN. News networks have featured stories on the subject. CNN titled its piece, “Three Powerful Healing Therapies in One”
  • Oprah and Dr. Oz. Talk show hosts are getting in on the action, too. Dr. Oz even aired a segment where he experience floatation therapy.
  • Fringe, The Simpsons, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and CSI. Floatation tanks have appeared on popular TV shows, including the very first episode of the popular Sci-fi TV show Fringe.

With float therapy popping up in the media in so many varieties and receiving a ton of interest and praise, it’s no wonder that the populace has also taken notice. In a world inundated with constant stimuli, the masses are looking to alternate therapies to relieve the stresses that come with it. Floatation therapy has long been a means to that relaxation, and the media seems to agree. To learn more about float therapy, contact us at Northwest Float Center today.

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