Visualization Techniques for a More Relaxing Floatation Session

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Visualization is a wonderful way to heighten your sense of relaxation while in the floating tank. Besides creating a soothing effect, practicing visualization while floating also allows floaters to unlock internal abilities and experience revelations. These may include creative inspiration or problem resolution.

When preparing for a floating session, consider experimenting with a new technique to bolster your sense of relaxation. Visualization can help access the potential of unknown internal sources of insight and creativity. Try one of the following powerful visualization techniques to extend and strengthen positive effects in the float tank.

Body Imagery

Begin this process with a nose-breathing technique. Focus on your breath as it enters and leaves your nostrils. Pay attention to the slight feelings of coolness and warmth you experience as you inhale and exhale. Remember to let any distracting thoughts that may come up in this process pass by and return your attention to your breath.

Gradually add a visualization practice to this breathing technique by imaging the air you are breathing as consisting of bright, white light. Visualize yourself breathing this light in and out through your nose. Imagine it moving throughout your lungs and into your stomach. Think of this light as a spirit of untarnished nourishment, with the capacity to move throughout any part of your body. Visualize yourself inhaling and exhaling this light, emitting it as you breathe out, and becoming filled with it as you breathe in.

You can imagine any source of negativity, such as internal problems, anxiety, or stressors in your life, leave your mind and body each time you exhale. As you imagine inhaling this light, let your mind’s vivid illustration and creativity carry away your thoughts. This will establish a rhythm, which can serve as a pattern to guide throughout meditation and floatation.

In the Mind’s Eye

Solidifying the capacity to visualize can increase your ability to independently monitor and control your emotions, beliefs, opinions, and actions. When you practice this visualization technique, feel free to think of anything that instinctively occurs to you while in the tank. If you are stuck, check out the following ideas to get started. Here are a few promising suggestions:

Imagine someone you know well. Think of his or her face, eye-color, smile, and imagine he or she is speaking to you. Simply listen to what is being said.

Think of a character. It can simply be a shape or form of some kind. Think about this figure running, breathing, or engaging in various activities.

Envision a shape, such as a circle, square, or pyramid. Think of altering the shape’s color, size, and other characteristics of its state.

If you want to explore visualization techniques in hopes of enhancing your floating experience, contact us to schedule your float today.

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