Using Floatation Therapy to Deal With Your Cancer Diagnosis

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Diagnosing cancer is a long and drawn out process. What’s worse, is that when your diagnosis finally comes back, it’s only the beginning of a much longer, much more stressful period. The constant flow of doctors, nurses, and endless thoughts work to only make the situation harder on your mind and body, right when it needs rest.

That’s where floatation therapy comes in. We realize that from the initial diagnosis to chemo or radiation therapy, cancer is an endless struggle and stressor. Perhaps, then, the best way to cope mentally is to shut the thoughts off – if only for an hour.

Floating Away Your Worries

Everyone’s heard of the power of meditation by now. While not a cure-all, it brings immense positive benefits for mind and body. Floatation therapy can be seen as fast track meditation.

Float sessions offer what very few other therapies or treatments can: a solid hour of pure, unadulterated, peace. Our minds and bodies respond to stress together. The constant input from medical staff, plus the never-ending fears going on in your own head can become overwhelming very quickly. The most consistent report from floaters, on the other hand, is a sense of calm that persists long after the session ends. Even a single float session can equip you with the peace of mind, and emotional well-being to handle your medical challenges.

Wash Away the Pain

One of the most popular uses of floatation therapy today is for pain management, particularly chronic pain. When we enter a float tank, our body seems to melt into the water. This loss of feeling – the origin of the term sensory deprivation – has major benefits for pain. Floating shuts off input, and the feeling of weightlessness means that physical and mental pain seem to disappear, if only temporarily.

This is why cancer patients can benefit from floating. Many treatments are notorious for pain, and we can find immense relief in the tank. Chronic pain from a medical condition need not hold us back, and we can relieve it much the same as our mental worries.

Another surprising benefit from floating is the high concentration of magnesium in Epsom salts. Many chemotherapy drugs can sap the body of magnesium – an essential mineral for nutrition. Floating in a tank filled with magnesium-rich salt is an easy way to replenish the body with this important element.

Floatation therapy is not a substitute for other medical treatments but can offer serious relief to cancer patients struggling to find peace in their time of need.


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