The Ultimate Meditation: An Adult-Sized Womb

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The intense state of relaxation people experience in floatation tanks is one of the biggest draws for this type of therapy. There are no sounds and no lights. The water is the same temperature as your body and the water’s density (which is even greater than the Dead Sea) makes you float with ease. It’s an experience that some people compare to somewhere we’ve all been: the womb.

Enjoy a Child-Like Peace

Before birth, we had no stress. There were occasionally muffled sounds from outside our mother’s body, but little else. Our world was the steady thrum of two heartbeats and an encompassing feeling of warmth. Of course, we don’t remember the sensations we experienced at that age, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get an idea of what it was like now.

One of the factors that makes these “wombs” so much like the real thing is the feeling of weightlessness. Nearly all stimulation is removed. Because of the incredible buoyancy you experience inside, your feet and hands won’t touch the bottom once you begin to float. The still, dense waters, also allow you to hover without drifting from side to side. Temperatures are close to the temperature of your body. That means that after just a few minutes, you won’t be able to feel the presence of the liquid at all. Instead, you’ll feel a vivid sensation of floating. It’s so strong, in fact, that it can be difficult to tell which direction you’re facing.

Visiting one of these wombs can help undo years of stress and allow you to rediscover parts of your brain that have long been forgotten. Since there’s no external interference, your mind distances from the bustling world of screens and stress that we live in. This lack of stimulants may leave your brain to create its own. Floaters may hear symphonies or experience light phenomenon—all produced by the incredible power of an unleashed brain.

Connect With Your Spiritual Side

Floaters often declare that their experiences are remarkably spiritual. With everything else removed and the distractions of the day on the other side of the chamber, many individuals may be able to connect with their beliefs like never before.

The womb was also a place for growth. Likewise, these adult versions allow us to recharge and repair on a physical level as well. We can remedy chronic pain, stiffness, inflammation, and many more maladies through floating.

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