Treating Elderly Family With Floatation

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During the holidays, people often drive many miles to gather with family and friends. The travel can be hard, particularly for senior citizens. However, a floatation session at NWFC alleviates the physical and mental stress of travel. If you’ve never considered floating for an elderly family member, we invite you to examine its benefits.

Alleviating Physical Concerns 

Many elderly people struggle to participate in holiday activities because they don’t feel well. An aging body makes everyday tasks difficult, and this is compounded when pre-existing health issues worsen. Elderly float clients struggle with muscle weakness or tightness. Some of them have respiratory diseases like emphysema or COPD, as well as asthma and allergies that are aggravated in winter. Some of our elderly clients struggle with anxiety, which holiday stress exacerbates.

Floatation therapy alleviates these physical and mental concerns. Inside a sensory deprivation tank, an elderly person’s body can “reset” itself to a certain extent. For example, his or her muscles might expand or contract more naturally. He or she might feel the throat or sinus cavities opening, alleviating respiratory illnesses.

Loss of sensory input helps the body relax instead of focusing on anxiety-inducing triggers. An elderly relative who has traveled for the holidays can find relief from the constant rush in a sensory deprivation tank. Additionally, he or she can turn the brain “off”; there’s no pressure to entertain grandchildren, make sure grown children are okay, or focus on several conversations at once.

Floating Is Safe

First-time clients often worry floating is unsafe. They fear feeling claustrophobic, sinking under the water, or falling asleep in the tank. At NWFC, we ensure floating is safe, especially for older clients. We use at least 850 pounds of Epsom salt per tank; this keeps anyone floating no matter their weight or body shape. Clients can keep their tanks open if they wish. Most clients don’t fall asleep, but if you do, a staff member will be nearby to wake you and ensure you are okay.

Elderly clients can float no matter their physical or mental health. As noted, a staff member can stay with them, or you can choose to float in a group. Elderly clients who float with other family members may find it easier to communicate with them outside the float center. This makes the holidays less stressful and more fun for everyone involved. Additionally, sharing the floatation experience deepens the bond between family members of different generations.

If an elderly family member is interested in floating, or you would like to experience floating with them this season, contact NWFC today.

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