The Top 7 Frequently Asked Questions About Floating

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Even though floatation therapy has become fairly widespread in recent years, many people still have questions about floating. Although there are many questions that you may have, here are the answers to seven of the most common questions surrounding floatation therapy.

1. Do I Have to Close the Tank Door?

No, you do not! Although closing the door of the float tank allows you to maximize the benefits of the float session by truly minimizing all sensory stimulation, it is certainly possible to enjoy a float session with the door open. Some floaters prefer to leave the door open if they are worried about claustrophobia or the intensity of the experience.

2. Will I Feel Claustrophobic?

In general, most floaters do not experience a feeling of claustrophobia because float tanks are actually fairly spacious. The relaxing effect of floating usually eliminates any claustrophobia-related anxiety. When you close the door and experience the darkness of the tank, it actually seems expansive. Since there are no boundaries, it feels like you are in outer space – the experience is the exact opposite of a “closed-in” feeling. However, if you worry about possible claustrophobic sensations, leaving the tank door open is always an option.

3. What Should I Wear?

Since floating is an intensely personal experience, you are welcome to wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable. Most floaters prefer to wear nothing, which helps eliminate any sensory distractions, but bathing suits are perfectly acceptable if that makes you feel more comfortable.

4. How Do You Keep the Tanks Clean?

Float tanks are incredibly sanitary! The Epsom salt that allows you to float is also naturally antiseptic and anti-microbial. To ensure that the tank is completely sanitized between each use, a filter and sanitation system is also in place.

5. What Happens If I Fall Asleep?

Essentially, nothing! Floating is such a relaxing and peaceful experience that falling asleep is quite normal. Drowning isn’t a problem thanks to the high density of the solution created by the water and Epsom salt – there’s almost no chance of you being able to turn over in your sleep.

6. Can Anyone Float?

Almost anyone can float, with a few exceptions. Certain health concerns may cause you to seek the advice of a doctor before floating. In addition, anyone who has alcohol or drugs in their system is discouraged from floating. Finally, it isn’t recommended for anyone with an open wound or suicidal tendencies to float.

7. Can I Float If I’m Pregnant?

Yes! In fact, floatation therapy is highly beneficial for pregnant women because it allows them to escape the strain caused by the weight of their growing bellies. In addition, expectant mothers enjoy a “mirroring” effect, as floating in the tank mimics the experience of the baby floating in their womb.

Get all the answers to your questions about floatation therapy by visiting your nearest float center today!

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