The Top 4 Reasons to Float on Spring Break

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If you are preparing for your spring break in the coming days, the word ‘float’ probably evokes a vision of lying on a pool raft in a tropical destination. While that is certainly an enjoyable spring break activity, there is a different type of floating that could produce health benefits beyond a simple nap. The answer is floatation therapy.

Floatation therapy takes place in a “float tank” and is a medical treatment used to promote deep relaxation and other benefits. It uses sensory deprivation and gravity reduction to rejuvenate and refresh the body. Floating in 10 inches of Epsom salt water in a pitch black room allows the individual to physically and mentally de-stress, rejuvenate energy levels, enhance creativity, and aid sleep. Here are four reasons you should float on your spring break.

1.  Ability to Relax

It is quite difficult to quickly switch gears from high levels of stress to relaxation. If you aren’t careful, you’ll spend your entire spring break trying to make this transition happen. Floatation therapy can allow you to reach the level of relaxation you are looking for in a matter of minutes.

2.  Rejuvenate Energy Levels

Your spring break is supposed to be a period of recharging. You can take full advantage of this opportunity by utilizing floatation therapy. Because a floatation session can reduce stress related chemicals in the body, you will find yourself feeling more balanced and awake.

3. Enhance Creativity and Learning

Floatation therapy can actually prepare you to be a better student for the coming months. Studies show floating on a regular basis can improve levels of clarity, concentration, and creativity.

4.  Muscle Relaxation

For athletes, floatation therapy can be the perfect opportunity to physically recover over the break. Because a float tank creates a gravity-free environment, muscles are able to relax like never before. This can reduce the swelling, pain, and tension associated with many sports injuries.

In addition to floatation therapy, you should try these relaxation tips over your spring break. Take advantage of your time away from school and make it a point to recharge mentally and physically.

For more information on how floatation therapy can help you perform better and live more comfortably, contact Northwest Float Center today. Whether you’re looking for better sleep, lower blood pressure, more energy, or pain relief, floatation therapy can help you achieve your goals. Make floatation therapy a part of your spring break this year!

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