Three Benefits of Floating for Parents

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Anyone can benefit from float therapy, but a session might be especially beneficial to parents, especially those with young children. Parents of babies or toddlers are more likely to experience high stress levels, as well as pain disorders like “mommy tenosynovitis.” Northwest Float Center’s doors are always open to parents in need of relaxation and healing. If you have yet to try floating, let its benefits inspire you to make time for it in your busy schedule.

Pain Relief

Many parents experience joint and muscle pain from lifting and carrying their babies or toddlers. The shoulders, wrists, and back are especially vulnerable, because they contain the muscles used most often for lifting. Often, parents develop mommy tenosynovitis, aka de Quervain’s syndrome, wherein the tendons become inflamed.

There is no way to avoid lifting your young child, but a float session will alleviate the pain in your muscles and tendons. As you float inside one of NWFC’s sensory deprivation tanks, your brain will gradually stop sending pain signals to your nerves and muscles. You won’t think about your children or when you’ll next need to lift or care for them, which may also ease the pain. By the time you finish a 30- to 60-minute session, your muscles and tendons will feel fully relaxed. You’ll want to wait as long as possible to lift your child again, but once you do, it will not be such a strain.

Physical Recharging

Today’s parents and kids are busier than ever. In one week, you probably rush one kid to sports practice, another to ballet or Scouts, and another to Quiz Bowl, while getting yourself to work, PTA meetings, and the gym – and somehow you have to fit dinner in there. By the end of a typical day, you’re probably exhausted. Floating helps you recharge physically, not only because you are floating in a closed tank, but because there is no sensory input there. Without the demands of people, phones, and schedules, you can truly focus on feeling better. You’ll see a gradual decrease in headaches, muscle aches, and other mild-to-moderate ailments.

Mental Health Booster

No matter how much you love them, whiny, cranky, or sick children can push your patience to its limit. If you are a single parent or primary caregiver, your need for mental relaxation goes up several notches. Floatation treatment does not force you to focus on anything or answer anyone’s demands, so you can meditate, practice deep breathing, or simply shut off your brain. Your brain will reorient itself, and at the end of your session, you’ll feel ready to re-engage with your kids.

Don’t wait any longer to give yourself a break. Contact NWFC for a float session appointment.

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