Things to Look for in a Float Center

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Float centers offer some incredible and truly unique benefits. Originally invented in the 1950s in the United States by Dr. John Lilly, floating has grown in popularity and is found across the world. While floatation universally relies on the science of restricting stimulation and clearing the mind, not all float centers are created equal. If you want to get the most out of your visit, consider these factors when you’re choosing a location.

The Setup and Equipment

The configuration that you’re using to float is obviously something big to consider. Many facilities opt for floating pods or tanks. These containers can be opened and closed from the inside. It’s much easier to control the light and sound within them than other options, such as float rooms, because they’re smaller and well insulated. Users step down inside the warm water of the tanks and shut themselves within them to experience the disconnect. Many different styles exist. At Northwest Float Center, we offer long, sleek rectangular enclosures so you have plenty of room to stretch out and relax.

Any time you enter a float center, it should be clean and functioning smoothly. The lobby will be your first sign, since disarray could signal neglect. Once you’re in the room, give the equipment a once-over to verify that there are no signs of aging or disregard, such as rust or peeling paint.

It’s important that the facility you choose offers the right ratio of salt to water. The briny liquid not only prevents the growth of bacteria, but allows you to experience much greater buoyancy than any water you’ve likely experienced before—unless you’ve been swimming in the Dead Sea. At the NWFC, every tank contains 240 gallons of water and an incredible 950 pounds of Epsom salt for maximum performance.

The Facility Itself

Even with the best equipment, it takes a skilled and friendly team to operate a float center. Employees should always be willing to answer questions—especially pertaining to any fears you have about the therapy. Plenty of people are nervous when they’re facing 75 minutes in calm darkness, and the team should always take your questions seriously and answer them directly.

Look for benefits when you’re choosing your center, too. Some offer discounts for returning customers or gift cards to share with friends. The more a company caters to your needs, the more relaxing and memorable your experience will be.

Background always counts, and we’ve got it. At Northwest Float Center, we’ve been serving Puget Sound residents since 2009. We’re Tacoma’s original facility, and we know exactly what to provide our customers to ensure that they have the absolute best visit possible.

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  1. Mason

    How many float tanks do you have? How many people come through daily? I’m i’n the process of opening my own float center. Give me an e-mail, thanks! -Mason Berube

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