The NWFC Difference

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Floatation therapy is becoming more popular around the country. Urban areas such as Tacoma, Olympia, and other cities in Washington reap the many benefits of floatation every day. With a variety of float centers to choose from, settling on one might be difficult. However, you’ll get the optimum floating experience if you come to Northwest Float Center.

The NWFC Difference

One primary difference between Northwest Float Center and others is that our team has experienced the healing benefits of floating firsthand. All of our team members know how it feels to need a break from constant stimulation, so we opened a float center that could provide it to a variety of clients.

Our founders, Kriss Brooks and Alex Ziegler, found particular relief through floatation therapy. Kriss Brooks sustained a serious injury overseas and was unable to return to work. He says float therapy changed his life, and he wanted to share its benefits with everyone after his doctor recommended it. Similarly, Alex Ziegler had meditated for years but was never able to experience true stillness until he tried floatation therapy.

These personal experiences and others like them give our float center a competitive edge and allow us to build stronger rapport with clients. We don’t want you to go from therapy to therapy searching for relaxation and healing; we promise you can find it at NWFC.

Anyone Can Float

Certain physical therapies are geared toward specific groups of people. If you can’t do them a certain way, it’s hard to reap their benefits. This isn’t so with floatation therapy. Anyone can float, as our blog attests. We tailor our services to fit any occupation, body type, or special need you may have. Whether you have a physical injury or want to improve cognition, floating is a good choice for you.

At NWFC, we work to ensure our clients feel safe at all times. Many people are hesitant to float because they’re claustrophobic or fear feeling cut off and out of control during the floating experience. Our modern float tanks can be as opened or closed as you like. We’ll ensure you have the best float experience possible, and we’re standing by to answer any questions.

Floatation therapy has been proven to help people dealing with a variety of conditions, from depression to seasonal affective disorder. NWFC welcomes all, and we can accommodate sensitive conditions—providing the assistance you need to feel better about yourself and your world. To schedule a float, contact us at any time.

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