The Journey So Far

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It’s been quite a journey since last years’ Portland Float Conference.   It was in Portland that I had taken my first float and had fully committed to opening up a float center with my best friend Kriss.  There is a float center in Portland called Float On that holds the annual conference and the gentlemen who run that center couldn’t have been more of an inspiration; and after my first float I could see why.

The benefits of floating are truly marvelous.  I had to have a tank, and I wanted to introduce floating to as many people as possible and make a beneficial impact on the wellness of my community.

The first step was to acquire some float tanks.  Browsing the net we came across one just south of Canada and so we took the drive and acquired it.  We set the tank up at Kriss’ house and after a few salt water explosions from an unsecured filter ring, we got the hang of floating and had our friends and family float.  The word soon spread and we had a lot of people looking to float and the support was overwhelming.  This gave us all the confidence we needed. Now the plan is simple, we will open our floatation center in busy downtown Tacoma.

One tank soon turned into three as we came across a tank in Florida as well as another tank in Arizona.  That left us with only one option… road trip!

Jerimi (Kriss’ Brother) and I set out on a big adventure, flying into Florida, and picked up in a big brown Chevy van Kriss negotiated to purchase (the man was kind enough to pick us up at the airport).  Kriss stayed back in WA as mission control, and coordinated the entire trip.  The ride was bumpy but we all knew that the fruit was well worth the labor.  We made a lot of friends, crashed on some couches, ate a lot of nutritious road food, sang a lot of songs, gathered two float tanks, and traveled from Florida to California, and safely back home to Tacoma.

It took us a little while to find our bearings in this new world of opening a business but every day goals are being knocked out, and progress is moving at a steady pace closer to an opening date. Today one goal was checked off – our coming soon banner with our logo is now adorning our new location. If all goes as scheduled next week construction should be underway!

We’ve got a great location on 6th avenue on the corner of Proctor (Hot Yoga to our left and Chiropractic care on the right), a wonderful marketing team, awesome feedback from our community, an eye catching float van, four float tanks, and we can’t wait to share it all with you!  To say hello, ask a question, or give support, we will have a booth at Tacoma’s annual Art on the Ave festival on 6th Ave.  We will have more information about an opening date, floatation therapy, and Team NWFC.

Check out this years Float Conference at

If your in Portland check out Float On at

For info about this year’s Art on the Ave check out



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