The Basics of Operating a Floatation Center

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As floatation centers gain popularity, it is only natural that budding entrepreneurs want to jump on the bandwagon and open their own relaxing location. Unlike opening a retail store or a branded fast food restaurant, floatation center openings are not well documented. If you’re interested in working at or opening a floatation center, many of established centers are willingly to share their knowledge, as long as you’re focusing on a noncompetitive market. Here are some of our favorite tips entrepreneurs can use to get started:


  • Do your market research. Talk to people in the area where you’re considering opening a business and find out if there is a demand for floatation. In many areas, you may find that people don’t know what floating is. Prepare a pamphlet to hand out to the community.
  • Find a mentor. While books and online information are great, there is no better resource than someone who has been through the process. Reach out to someone else in the business who can share insider secrets and recommend resources that helped them get started.
  • Scope out a great location. Your business is all about relaxation. That means your location should be easily accessible for your target market. If possible, avoid parking decks and high traffic areas. Try to find a space with nearby businesses that cater to a similar market. Yoga centers, holistic healing centers, and retail stores focused on healthy living might be a good place to set up shop. Use this information to estimate the cost of rent and operating in that area.
  • Choose your tanks. There are many different floatation tanks that you may want to consider. Look at control systems, maintenance requirements, warranties, and other standout features to determine which tanks will fit your brand image and service focus best. Make sure that you can regularly service your tanks and look for companies that offer easy installation. You can even try calling another center that uses the same tanks to find out more about upkeep.
  • Prepare for dealing with the health department. You will need to sell your business model to the local health department, so start working on your pitch right away. You’ll need to read through pool regulations and make sure you address all the health department’s concerns. Start on this process early to ensure that you have the department’s approval before you open for business.


If you’re not afraid to reach out for information and spread the word about floatation benefits, you could be the individual who brings floating to your market. Contact Northwest Float Center for more information about what it’s like to run a floatation center.

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