Take a Mini-Vacation to the Float Tank

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Is your summer wearing you out? Summer can be a stressful time, running kids to and from activities, scheduling vacation time, and keeping everyone active. Floatation therapy is a great way for you to plan a small escape from the stress and give yourself a mini-vacation. Floatation therapy can help you clear your mind, relax, and feel like you are in an oasis of your own.

What Will You Experience?

Northwest Float Center wants to provide you with a place to be completely still, to relax physically, emotionally and spiritually. Upon arrival staff members greet you, get you checked in, show you around, and guide you to a private tank room. Staff shows you where everything is in the room, and lets you know what to expect. Then they leave you to enjoy your float.

Floatation Therapy Offers Sensory Deprivation

The float tank is roomy, so even people who experience claustrophobia usually feel comfortable. The tank is dark and soundproof. Tank water is rich in Epsom salt, so you’re buoyant. You don’t have to work to stay afloat, you just completely relax with your body suspended.

There’s no noise, no pressure on your body. All your senses are free to focus on relaxation. Most of the time your brain is processing what you see, feel, hear, taste, and touch, and much of that is out of your control. Continuous input stresses your system. Removing that input lets your brain unwind and refocus.

The tank water stays at body temperature, so there’s no sensation of hot or cold. Many people say they feel like they spent hours meditating or had a long, refreshing sleep.

Physical Benefits of Floatation Therapy

When you relax that deeply, all kinds of good things happen. Some of the benefits you’ll experience immediately are:

  • Reduced cortisol. Epsom salt increases the amount of magnesium in your body, reducing stress hormones.
  • Better sleep. After a float, you’ll go to sleep faster and sleep more deeply.
  • Softer skin and hair. Epsom salt exfoliates and improves elasticity.
  • Lower blood pressure.
  • Reduced muscle pain. When you relax, muscles can heal.

You may not be able to get away to an exotic island or a mountain retreat, but you can give yourself a mini-vacation with floatation therapy. Refresh your body and your mind. Contact Northwest Float Center to schedule a float today.

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