Take a Float and Explore Your Subconscious

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Are you interested in expanding your mind in order to more deeply explore your subconscious?

Many people report that floating allows them to explore their inner selves. Although floatation therapy is often used for pain relief and healing, many floaters are committed to floating because of the spiritual, meditative side of the experience. In fact, floatation therapy is often used as a tool for developing a better understanding of the subconscious.

Focusing Inward

Floatation therapy creates complete sensory deprivation. When you are unable to sense things physically, your brain is able to ignore the normal concerns of your body and instead focus inward. Without stimulus from your senses, your mind is more relaxed and open to exploration. Unsurprisingly, the utter relaxation of your body that is encouraged by floating has a direct effect on your mind.

As you relax in a float tank, you will usually experience an improvement in your mood as endorphins are released. In this positive mindset, you are prepared to examine yourself in order to discover new things about your subconscious. Even if the experience is emotional or challenging, your positive attitude may help you to better deal with the situation. Many floaters report that they experience deep revelations about themselves while floating.

Mental Advantages

There are many different theories about why floating can have such a huge impact on the physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual well being of a person. One fascinating aspect of floatation therapy is the fact that a floater’s brainwaves rapidly change from beta to theta state. In this state, healing and relaxation occurs more quickly. It is unusual to actually enter the theta state when you aren’t actually sleeping, so this shift allows you to experience your brain in a way that few people experience while awake.

In addition to the ability to explore your subconscious, floating can allow you to access an intensely creative side of your mind. Besides promoting high levels of creativity, floating encourages problem solving and heightened learning. If you are prepared for these deep sensations, you can take advantage of these mental shifts while you float.

If you’re interested in floating in order to connect with your subconscious, prepare yourself carefully. You may find yourself facing fears and challenges in your life, so be aware beforehand that the experience may be intensely emotional. However, if you successfully navigate the process, you will leave the tank feeling renewed and invigorated as you face the rest of your day.

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