Floating and Other Ways to Remedy Jet Lag

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If you’ve ever crossed a time line, you know the effects of jet lag. You can board a five-hour flight at 9 a.m. on the west coast and arrive on the East coast… eight hours later? Our bodies are in tune with circadian rhythms and don’t easily adapt to abrupt, unnatural changes in time. Jet lag of an hour or … Read More

3 Tips for a Healthier 2016

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New Year’s resolutions offer hope for a better future, but many of us doubt our ability to live up to them. We want to take better care of ourselves by eating better, exercising, and giving ourselves time to relax, but often our best intentions are beaten by busy schedules. This year, give yourself the advantage by making your resolutions with … Read More

4 Steps to Total Health with Floatation Therapy

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As floatation therapy increases in popularity, many people are making it an essential part of their wellness routine. Of course, you have to maintain healthy practices outside of the float tank in order to enjoy excellent health. Combine the following healthy habits in order to pursue well-rounded health! Float Regularly Floatation therapy allows utter relaxation so that you can face … Read More