4 Ways to Reduce Work-Related Stress

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If you are like most Americans, you have felt work-related stress at some point in your life. No matter what your occupation, it is important to understand that there are ways to reduce your stress before it becomes harmful to your physical and emotional health. When you recognize your stressors, build boundaries, and take time to revitalize, you can transform … Read More

Five Foods to Help Reduce Stress

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When it comes to stress relief, many people are aware of the widely known methods of stress reduction – yoga, massage therapy, exercise, and meditation. What often goes unrecognized is the relationship between our stress levels and our diets. What you eat can make you feel anxiety and fatigue, or it can eliminate toxins and provide nourishment that helps your … Read More

4 Ways to Preemptively Manage Stress as a Student

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For students, stress may seem like a constant and inevitable part of life. Each semester, homework, responsibilities, and other commitments are sure to accumulate and cause major stress before the semester is even halfway over. When it’s time to take finals or turn in a term paper, the stress can push you to a breaking point. However, by taking your … Read More