Float Away Your Back Pain

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People spend more time hunched over computers or slouching around in recliners than ever before. Part of the problem is the inherent lack of space for physical activity. We end up staying inside instead of moving our muscles. Thus, back pain is a serious side effect of our modern lives. In fact, more than 31 million Americans are dealing with … Read More

Floatation and Pain Relief

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If you’re struggling with any type of pain, the external stresses of daily life can make that pain more difficult to bear. Floatation therapy offers an all-natural, non-invasive way to reduce and manage your pain. Studies have shown that floatation therapy creates an ideal environment for pain relief. A floatation tank limits sensory input and calms the mind and body, … Read More

Managing Back Pain With Floatation Therapy

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Back pain can be tremendously debilitating, decreasing quality of life and causing loss of work and enjoyment in physical activity for those who suffer from it. While back pain can be difficult to manage, floatation therapy is turning out to be an important tool in the arsenal of those who seek to minimize their pain and get on with their … Read More

The Reemergence of Floatation Therapy for Alternative Pain Management

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Chronic pain is a common problem that often seems to have no cure. Pain is different for every individual, and although there are numerous medications and therapies for treating pain, many still do not find relief. This leads those experiencing chronic pain to attempt alternative therapies for pain management. These therapies come in many formats, such as herbs rather than … Read More