How to Meditate Effectively During Your Float Session

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Float therapy is a way to assist meditation through floating in a pod filled with salt water that matches your body temperature. Once inside, it allows one to reach a meditative state quickly, which helps with concentration, relaxation, and creativity.  Several techniques will deepen your meditation and help you get the most out of your float therapy session. Here are … Read More

The Advantages of Yoga and Float Therapy

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Yoga and float therapy are each beneficial, but, when combined, they can increase relaxation even further. Both practices relax your mind and body by releasing muscle tension and helping with meditation. When you participate in yoga and float therapy together, you can enhance your ability to practice meditation and yoga. What is Yoga and Float Therapy? Yoga is the practice … Read More

Use Floating With Other Forms of Meditation

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Maybe you already meditate. Maybe you’ve never gotten the hang of it, but you really want to start. Either way, floatation therapy can help. Floating can provide a serene environment enabling you to enter a deep meditative state. If you’ve never been able to meditate, floating could be the answer. If you do it all the time, it can help … Read More

Benefits of Meditation in Floatation Therapy

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In our hectic and noisy world, it can be difficult, if not impossible, for people to relax. Many people practice meditation to help with this, and others go to floatation spas. Both these practices have health benefits, but combining the two serves the body and mind at the same time, helping you re-center yourself and enjoy more physical improvements. What … Read More

4 Tips for Meditating While Floating

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Floatation therapy is often used as a method of physical relief, but it is also known for its ability to enhance mental clarity. Through intentional meditation, floaters can practice calming their minds and focusing on positive energy and thoughts. Most floaters find that their meditation experiences are intensified in the tank, thanks to the complete lack of distractions. To make … Read More

Isolation Tanks and Meditative Brain States

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Flotation therapy was born in a neuro-psychiatry lab, which should make the fact that it has extreme influence on brain states an unsurprising conclusion. When they were first designed, flotation tanks were used in the study of consciousness and how the brain manages consciousness in the absence of sensory information. Isolation tanks (as they were then called) solved this problem … Read More