Improve Sleep With Floatation Therapy

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Few things will ruin a day faster than a poor night’s sleep. Not resting makes you irritable, unfocused, and sometimes altogether unpleasant to be around. Studies have shown that as many as 42% of adults deal with insomnia every single year. Our high stress, busy lifestyles contribute to the problem and make it harder than ever to rest well. It’s … Read More

The Truth About Floatation Therapy and Insomnia

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Data suggests that between 33% and 42% of adults experience insomnia each year, and the numbers are certainly not decreasing. The increase of stress, high blood pressure, multitasking, and busyness are some of the leading causes of insomnia, and it can be hard for sufferers to slow down enough to reach the necessary level of relaxation required for sleep. Because … Read More