5 Medical Uses for Floatation Therapy

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Floatation therapy is still relatively new. It may be years before we fully understand the extent of medical benefits offered through it. As of 2015, however, the outlook is promising. There are a host of physical, mental, and emotional improvements we can measure, including addiction control, muscle therapy, and eating disorder therapy. Here are some of the medical highlights that … Read More

Inflammation: The Hidden Killer and How Floating Helps

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Inflammation is the human body’s response to damaged cells, pathogens or irritants. Chronic inflammation is linked to a variety of diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease and stroke. Inflammation is a protective response involving host cells, blood vessels, proteins and other mediators. It tries to eliminate the initial cause of cell injury, as well as the necrotic cells and … Read More

5 Ways Floating Helps Chronic Anxiety

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Stress-related injuries and illnesses are the most commonly cited cause of hospital and doctors’ office visits. However, some experience stress levels higher than most. Chronic anxiety is a debilitating mental condition experienced by thousands of Americans. The causes of chronic anxiety are not well understood. What is well known are the debilitating effects of chronic anxiety: inability to sleep, hold … Read More

The Dead Sea: A Natural Floatation Tank

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Floatation therapy is incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating. While floatation therapy usually takes place in manmade tanks, there is one exception in nature. Because of the incredible salt content in the Dead Sea, it is easy for things as heavy as humans to float. Here is everything you need to know about floating in the world’s largest “floatation tank.” About the … Read More

The Best Method for Alternative Pain Relief: Floatation Therapy

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When you suffer from severe or chronic pain, your doctors may suggest a myriad of options for pain relief. However, if you want to avoid medicines and drugs that have other unwanted side effects, there are several options for alternative pain relief. One of the most popular methods of alternative pain relief is floatation therapy. Why Floatation Therapy? Although you … Read More