Kick Off Summer With a Float Session

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For parents, kids, and families, the summer is a time to relax and refresh after a hectic school year. Summer break, however, is short and usually packed full of events. Sometimes, it can seem like we’ve traded the busy school year for an equally busy summer. Finding relaxation in the busy summer months can be just as hard as any … Read More

3 Ways to Keep Your Zen on the Road

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For many people, the holidays mean increased travel. It’s enjoyable to see friends and family, but long hours on an airplane or in a car make you feel stiff and tired. When you sleep in a new place, you often get less rest. Holiday travel disrupts your diet and family dynamics can cause stress. Whether you spend hours on a … Read More

How Floatation Therapy Helps Keep Your Resolutions

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As we settle into the New Year, people resolve to start healthy behaviors or change unhealthy ones. The most common resolutions involve losing weight, quitting smoking, or reducing lifestyle-related stress. Most people break their resolutions a few weeks in, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Floatation can help you meet your goals for 2018 to be happier and … Read More

Avoid Getting Sick This Winter With Floatation Therapy

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During cold weather months, germs are everywhere. Getting a flu shot helps, but it doesn’t protect against the wide range of bacteria and viruses crawling on public surfaces. Floatation therapy provides a number of health benefits that boost immunity. Find out how regular float sessions can help keep you from getting sick this winter. Reduce Stress Stress impacts the immune … Read More

Floating: The All-Weather Relaxation Technique

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Summer has arrived, and for Tacoma residents, the season turns their city into a hot, wet place to live. In June alone, Tacoma received about 1.57 inches of rain, and although the average high is 77, humidity makes the air feel much hotter and stickier. Although some Tacoma residents enjoy this type of weather, dealing with it daily can wear … Read More

Can Floating Alleviate the Common Cold?

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Floatation therapy relieves the symptoms of many serious illnesses, such as migraines, depression, PTSD, and cancer. Thankfully, it’s beneficial for common conditions, too. For example, if you constantly battle the common cold, floatation therapy may be a solution. Coping With Your Cold In general, colds aren’t serious; they’re simply annoying viruses that reduce our ability to do what we need … Read More

How Floating Benefits Tacoma Residents

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A floatation center benefits clients in any city, but we believe Northwest Float Center is the best one for clients living in Tacoma, Washington, and the surrounding areas. Because of our location, we have a more diverse clientele than float centers in smaller cities. Our clients seek to reap the benefits of floatation therapy for a variety of reasons, and … Read More

Float Away Your Migraines

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While many people associate floatation therapy with mental stress, it also helps alleviate some physical ailments as well. Migraines are one such ailment. Many Americans suffer from migraines—a severe and often debilitating class of headache. At their worst, migraines send people to the emergency room, cutting in on their work, leisure, and family time. Some have multiple “headache days” a … Read More