Make Mindfulness Your Resolution in 2018

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One of the reasons floatation therapy is so effective is that sensory deprivation causes individuals to live in the moment. They become aware of their breath, their heartbeat, and the flow of their thoughts with nothing else to distract them. The relaxation and calm experienced in the floatation tank can extend between float sessions with the practice of mindfulness. Here’s … Read More

Three Ways Floatation Can Help Your ADHD Child

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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has become so common today that many parents are alarmed, but not necessarily surprised, at the diagnosis. The diagnosis rate for this actual disorder among children is above 10%. Parents looking for something to help their children cope with the inability to focus through sensory input are now looking to floatation therapy as a supplemental … Read More

Winter Is Coming! Float the Winter Blues Away

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With winter approaching, you’re probably preparing to get through those gloomy months with fewer sunny days and less outdoor activity. Shorter days, lower temperatures, and lack of sufficient exercise all lead to some dark days. Here’s how floatation can help you during those freezing months. Understand Winter’s Effects During the winter, many people feel the effects of decreased sunlight. They … Read More

Alternative Mental Health Therapies to Consider

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People are increasingly turning to natural alternatives to pharmaceutical options. If you’re not interested in taking medications to curb depression, ease anxiety, or regulate your mood, you may have other options. Consistent talk therapy, floatation tank sessions, hypnosis, and mindfulness can all play a role in helping people overcome common mental health struggles. It’s important to note that Northwest Float … Read More

Chronic Fatigue and Floatation Tanks

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Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) occurs when individuals experience extreme fatigue. It’s different from feeling tired, as this kind of fatigue goes away after you sleep. People with CFS feel constant fatigue, in spite of adequate rest, for a period of six months or more. One of the most frustrating things about CFS is it limits your ability to enjoy or … Read More

Floating Benefits for Students

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School is stressful. Studying, research, projects, and tests can leave secondary and post-secondary students feeling drained and mentally foggy. Instead of turning to all-nighters and insane amounts of caffeine, many modern students prefer holistic brain-boosting therapies including meditation, yoga, and floating. And for good reason – these practices help calm mind and body, while helping regulate sleep and achieve mental … Read More

Skin Benefits of Floating

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Did you know that we fill our float tanks with 950 pounds of magnesium sulfate? This concoction, more commonly known as epsom salt, does more than help our customers float effortlessly. For centuries, people have been using it to treat muscle pain, fight fatigue, and even regulate sleep cycles. Epsom salt carries a bevy of benefits, even for the largest … Read More

Floating After a Long Flight

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If you take long flights, you’re familiar with jet lag – headaches, “land sickness,” and feeling out of place. Float therapy has been touted as a remedy for long flights and is proven to work. Before you schedule your next flight, consider scheduling an NWFC float session to help cope with common jet lag symptoms. Headaches Headaches are a common … Read More

Four Things You May Learn While Floating

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Anyone considering their first float might ask, “What will I get out of it?” The answer is, more than you can imagine. Floatation therapy has been studied for more than 50 years, and it is proven to enhance floaters’ ability to concentrate, complete tasks, and learn how to do new ones. However, the learning experience you gain while floating will … Read More

Three Benefits of Floating for Parents

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Anyone can benefit from float therapy, but a session might be especially beneficial to parents, especially those with young children. Parents of babies or toddlers are more likely to experience high stress levels, as well as pain disorders like “mommy tenosynovitis.” Northwest Float Center’s doors are always open to parents in need of relaxation and healing. If you have yet … Read More