Famous Floaters

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Floating is something people of every age and background can enjoy and benefit from. It’s not something reserved for the rich and famous, but many celebrities do enjoy it. If you follow celebrity news, you may know a bit about celebrities who float. If not, allow our profiles to shed some light on a few of your favorite celeb’s floating … Read More

The Science Fiction of Floatation Tanks in Altered States

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We all know that science fiction movies aren’t real. That’s the point, right? To explore imagined worlds and consider things that would be otherwise impossible. No one would be tempted to call the 1980 sci-fi cult classic Altered States realistic. It rests squarely in the science fiction genre, with limited grounding in actual science. Nevertheless, Altered States was one of … Read More

Famous Floaters: A Look at Top Athletes Who Float

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The many benefits of floatation therapy have long attracted top athletes to the practice. While floatation therapy is highly beneficial for the average individual, it offers even greater advantages to athletes who enter the tank with specific goals. The Goals of Athletes Who Float In most cases, athletes use floatation therapy with one of two goals, which are healing from … Read More