Why Epsom Instead of Table or Sea Salt?

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Some people think floating involves big tanks of salt water. This is true, but it’s not the kind of salt you use at the table. There are some big differences between Epsom salts and sea salts. At Northwest Float Center, we use Epsom salts in our tanks for their myriad benefits. Difference Between Epsom and Table Salts Many people are … Read More

Epsom Salt and Floatation Therapy

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Floatation tanks use Epsom salt to enable buoyancy, but this is not its only purpose. Epsom salt, known to scientists as magnesium sulfate, is used in high concentration in floatation tanks so that the relative density of the solution is 1.25. This density of Epsom salt makes the user’s head buoyant so that the nose and mouth are above water … Read More