Using Epsom Salt in Other Areas of Your Home

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We love Epsom salt in our float tanks. The salt helps support relaxation and improves your physical condition. However, there are lots of other ways to use Epsom salt around the home. The following tips may inspire you to make Epsom salt part of your daily routine. Stop the Pain Life is full of painful situations – overworked muscles, splinters, … Read More

The History of Epsom Salt

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Epsom salts are the secret to floatation therapy. The mineral, magnesium sulfate, helps make the water dense enough for your body to float effortlessly. Many people understand this, but they might not know the history of the mineral or how long humanity has been using it. Ancient Epsom Salt Humans have been relying on the benefits of Epsom salts since … Read More

The Story Behind the Benefits of Epsom Salt

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Many of the benefits of floatation therapy arise from the fact that magnesium is the key component of the Epsom Salt that is used to make floaters buoyant in the tanks. Although floaters often discuss the various benefits of floating such as enhanced creativity, reduced pain, relaxation, and improved concentration, the specific benefits of Epsom Salt are often forgotten. Epsom … Read More