A Post-Holiday Brain Boost

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The holidays are wonderful and can be great times to bond with friends and family. They can also be overwhelming and stressful. Sometimes you need a good jumpstart to clear your thoughts and start again. Floatation is one of the many ways to refresh yourself for the New Year and begin again. If you’ve never floated before, a session at … Read More

Floatation Therapy to Help Depression

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Floating minimizes anxiety in a way that rivals medication and prescription drugs. For those suffering from depression, floatation offers an alternative to pharmaceutical treatments, and the benefits last far beyond stepping out of the tank after a float session. Those who suffer from depression benefit from floatation in several ways, both physically and mentally, without the use of any type … Read More

Depressed? Flotation Therapy Can Help You Fight Back

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If you suffer from depression or anxiety, flotation therapy can be a helpful treatment for you, along with talk therapy and medication. Flotation therapy might seem like an odd match in this situation, but it has had proven effects when it comes to elevating people’s moods and relieving anxiety. Flotation has been helping people feel better and think more clearly … Read More