How Floating Helps Sports Injuries

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Many people enjoy athletics, but with them comes the risk of injury, especially if you play contact sports. Many sports professionals encourage floating for training, injury recovery, and prevention. The many benefits of floatation therapy fit into two categories: psychological and physical. First, we will explore the psychological benefits to floating: Mental Training Every athlete knows mental preparation is just … Read More

Sport Psychology and Float Therapy: Can Floating Make You A Better Racer?

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Whether you’re training for a big race or just trying to beat your best time, floatation therapy can help you reach your goals. Reduced environmental stimulation therapy (REST) has been used by professional athletes in almost every sport worldwide to improve performance, increase energy, and reduce healing time. Physical benefits aren’t the only ones that can be reached through float … Read More

Floatation Therapy Home Runs: Famous Sports Teams are Floating

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The health benefits for athletes who participate in floatation therapy are nearly endless. It is for this reason that even some of the most famous and revered sports teams use floatation therapy to improve their performance. From keeping athletes at the top of their game during the season to helping them recover from injuries, floatation therapy has proven to be … Read More