Floatation Therapy to Treat Anxiety

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It’s no secret that we live in a stressful world. More than 3 million adults in America suffer from anxiety each year, but only a third of them are actually receiving treatment. What’s worse, many of the same people are also dealing with secondary mental illnesses such as depression, making their symptoms even harder to handle. Looking for Answers Finding … Read More

5 Ways Floating Helps Chronic Anxiety

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Stress-related injuries and illnesses are the most commonly cited cause of hospital and doctors’ office visits. However, some experience stress levels higher than most. Chronic anxiety is a debilitating mental condition experienced by thousands of Americans. The causes of chronic anxiety are not well understood. What is well known are the debilitating effects of chronic anxiety: inability to sleep, hold … Read More

Beat Stress for Good with Flotation Therapy

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If you’re dealing with a high stress job or are simply worn out by your day to day life, flotation therapy might be a great way for you to relax and experience significant stress relief. For some, resting in a flotation tank for 45 minutes or an hour can be as rejuvenating as a full night’s sleep and a deep … Read More