Solving Back to School Stress: Floatation Therapy

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Are you a nearby student at the University of Puget Sound? Check out Northwest Float Center to learn about how floatation can help you with back to school stress. Floatation has been proven to relieve stress of all kinds through REST, or Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy. At Northwest Float Center we can answer your questions about floating and set you up with an appointment for your first float.

What Floatation Does

Floatation provides the user with a completely stress-free environment. The tank is free of external stimuli, and it transitions your body from its state of constant arousal to a state of deep relaxation. Studies show that a two-hour float session has effects that are equal to eight hours of deep sleep. In other words, floating for two hours will make you feel as relaxed as if you have had a full night’s sleep.

You will float in a tank that is slightly larger than a twin bed and contains a solution of 800 pounds of Epsom salt and 10 inches of water. This solution allows for buoyancy that will enable you to float without any effort on your part. The heated water will have the same temperature as your skin, meaning that even temperature will not distract you from your calm state.

How It Relieves Stress

Floatation is proven to relieve stress through extreme relaxation and the removal of outside stimuli. The tank removes you from all stressors, which slows your body down and returns your chemistry to a normal state. The experience of floating helps end the cycle of stress and stress reaction. The extreme relaxation of floating also lowers cortisol, the stress hormone that causes anxiety as well as weight gain. The relaxation of the tank also releases endorphins, the hormone in the body that makes you feel good.

Why You Should Choose Floatation

As a student, you face many stressors in your life. First, there’s the stress of beginning of a new school year. You may have to move into a new dorm, you will meet new professors, and you are entering new classes. Next, you experience stress from your assignments and term papers. You also experience other stressors in life, such as relationships, activities, and jobs. Students also rarely get enough sleep, frequently pulling all-nighters.

Floatation is the answer to all of the above issues. As previously stated, 2 hours of floatation can relax you as much as 8 hours of sleep. Since many college students rarely achieve a full 8 hours of sleep, why not try 2 hours of floatation instead? We guarantee that you will enjoy the new experience of extreme relaxation. Floatation will leave feeling stress-free and ready to accomplish difficult papers and exams.

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