Resolving to Relax

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Making resolutions can be tough; sometimes it’s hard to find things worth sticking with. Resolving to lower your stress level through 2017, however, can offer physical and mental benefits that can greatly improve your quality of life. One of the best ways to ease stress is by floating at the NWFC.

Floating and Stress Reduction

According to the American Psychological Association, more than 75% of doctors’ office visits are stress-related. Stress is linked to cancer, heart disease, suicide, and other leading causes of death. We are a severely stressed society, but floating reduces stress and related physical ailments.

At Northwest Float Center, floatation takes place in a sensory deprivation tank. Once in the tank, you do not see, hear, or feel any outside distractions. You float on top of hundreds of pounds of salt, which enhances your comfort in the water. We recommend keeping the tank closed, but even clients who float with it open report stress reduction and enhanced relaxation. Once inside the tank, you can take a break from thinking about work, deadlines, illnesses, family obligations, and anything else that might cause stress.

Floating Helps Balance Hormones

There have been at least 27 studies on floatation therapy in recent years. When experts analyzed these studies, they found floating lowered cortisol levels in many people. Cortisol, also known as the stress hormone, can be one of the most difficult to balance. Cortisol imbalance is a key player in common illnesses, as well as rarer diseases such as Addison’s disease and hypopituitarism.

Such studies have proven floating is not a fringe solution to stress, and that frequent floatation therapy can improve overall health. Many of our clients report cortisol levels and stress reduction in their lives even outside of floating sessions. They come back to Northwest Float Center to replicate their experiences and find physical and emotional balance as well.

Long-Term Effects of Floating

Resolving to float as part of a New Year’s resolution is a great idea because of its long-term effects. Studies have found the positive effects of floating can last about four months after a 12-session program. Clients who attend just a few sessions often find the effects last for several days afterward. Take the time to build floatation therapy into your life. Our services work around your schedule; we have available sessions as early as 8 a.m.

If you are severely stressed, you might also consider attending counseling before or after floating. Research suggests attending counseling after floating may help you open up about your feelings or problems.

Come Float With Us

If you’d like to float, or have enjoyed floating and want to schedule another session, contact NWFC today.

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