Reducing Back-to-School Stress with a Float Session

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For stay-at-home parents, sending the kids back to school can be a relief. With the kids away all day, there is often more free time for other household tasks – not to mention relaxation. However, the school year tends to be more stressful on parents than it seems like it should be at first. Depending on the children’s ages, getting them ready for school can be a great deal of work.

Helping young children get dressed and ready for school, preparing their breakfast, and packing a lunch requires all of a parent’s attention. As children get older, they become more independent in their day-to-day, but most teens still need help with their homework – and it’s no longer as easy as it was when they were young.

Everyone knows being a good parent is stressful, and sending the kids back to school is part of that. As a parent, when you’re stressed, you’re not at your best. This can be a problem for the kids, but don’t underestimate the effect it can have on you. Stress can lead to depression, irritability, a lack of focus, unhealthy eating habits, sleeplessness, and pain all over the body. It’s a hard thing to combat; while it might seem like stressful thought patterns can be willed out of existence, stress is a chronic condition that builds on itself. Sometimes special attention is required to effectively end the stress cycle.

Many stay at home parents have turned to REST for relief from their back-to-school stress. REST stands for “restricted environment stimulation technique.” First invented in the 1950s, the sensory deprivation tanks REST uses were intended to explore the hidden secrets of the unconscious. The tanks had unexpected positive health effects on the participants. They emerged from the tanks with significantly reduced pain, lessened depression, and alleviated stress.

Since the 1950s, sensory deprivation tanks have come a long way and have evolved to maximize their health benefits. REST is entering the mainstream as a solution to stress. Many doctors recommend REST to help with common stress-related ailments. For stay-at-home parents, REST is a convenient, affordable way to combat back-to-school stress. A session only lasts an hour, and the stress relieving effects stick around.

If the back-to-school season is stressing you out more than you thought, there is a solution. Contact the Northwest Float Center for more information on what REST can do for you.

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