The Psychedelic Experience (Without Drugs)

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People talk about experiences with floatation tanks in many ways. Some liken it to being in space, while others compare the experience to LSD or other psychedelic drugs. While all drugs can be dangerous, it is perhaps natural to want to experience a new and altered state of mind.

Anyone wanting to experience an altered state of consciousness without doing something extremely harmful and illegal should try floatation. Floatation is the experience of floating in a sensory deprivation tank, shut off from as much sensory input as possible, including the sense of touch. The following are a few examples of “psychedelic experiences” that people have had in floatation tanks:

  • Hallucinating colors and sounds. In the modern world, our brains have become used to almost constant sensory input, from the low hum of air conditioning to the constant visual information our eyes pick up every moment of the day, to the very feeling of our clothes against our skin. When these stimuli are all removed, our brains sometimes have trouble handling the lack of sensory input and begin to create their own.

Many people who have had sensory deprivation experiences, either in floatation tanks or other circumstances, have reported seeing colors or hearing sounds that were not real. Their brains interpreted thoughts and mental images as external sensory data, so the people in question experienced hallucinations.

  • Mental quiet. The human mind is constantly thinking countless thoughts, jumping between ideas faster than a skipping stone. Every instant is filled with thought, from conscious thoughts about a specific topic to the simple interpretation and analysis of constant sensory data. In a floatation tank, many people experience a mental peace unlike anything they have ever felt before. The experience has been likened to the peace that meditation brings. All sensory data ceases, and thoughts can be slowed and controlled to provide the floater with a completely peaceful experience, and even a sense of euphoria rising from this total calm.
  • Emotional self-recognition. Inside a sensory deprivation tank, you are quite literally alone with your thoughts. Your mind tries all sorts of ways to fill the space normally occupied by sensory input, and you have to deal with whatever it decides to focus on. Subconscious thoughts you had been ignoring are often brought to the forefront of your mind, and memories or thoughts you had forgotten about may be remembered. Essentially, the floatation tank will give you the ability and responsibility to face yourself, knowing yourself completely as one does in meditation.

If you’re looking for a psychedelic or spiritually awakening experience, don’t put yourself in danger by risking a bad trip or drug poisoning. Try one of our floatation tanks at Northwest Float Center, and see what floatation can do for you.

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  1. Nicole H.

    I have had a profound experience today during my first time floating and am looking for someone to process this with. Any suggestions you have would be helpful. Floating was one of the best experiences I’ve had to date and I am interested in how I can harness what I take from floating and apply it to my life.

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