Preparing for Floatation Therapy the Night Before

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Floatation therapy is a great way to alleviate stress. Ironically, right before the first floatation experience, many people develop anxiety. There are some important considerations to make in order to calm down and adequately prepare for the tank. Every center is a little different, so go over the rules where you are before a first-time session, even if you floated before. Here are some of our favorite helpful tips to prepare you for a stress-free experience in a floatation tank:


  • Avoid caffeine before you float. Caffeine in coffee, tea, and sodas can make you more nervous and interrupt the floating experience. If you are particularly affected by caffeine, try not to consume any on the day of your float. Those who float late in the day may not be affected by a cup of coffee that morning. Listen to your body and adjust accordingly.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol the night before. The after-effects of alcohol may affect your experience. Alcohol can disrupt your sense of balance and make the floating experience disorienting, even a day later.
  • Do not shave. Avoid shaving 24 hours before you float. Any skin irritations will be exacerbated by the high salt content of the tank, and may make your experience less enjoyable. Try smoothing any exposed cuts or nicks with Vaseline or a liquid bandage prior to a floating session.
  • You can’t drown. Many people fear falling asleep in the tank or drowning during a session. It is impossible to drown in the tank because the tank only holds 10 inches of water. The only way to drown would be to intentionally lay face down and inhale water. The stinging from the salt makes this nearly impossible.
  • The experience is fully personalized. Even people who have difficulty in small spaces, a fear of the dark, or a fear of drowning can enjoy floating. You can leave the top of the pod open, cracked, or closed. While most people enjoy leaving the lights off, you can keep them on for the duration of the session. Many centers offer music to help clients relax and avoid becoming lost in thought while floating.


If you have any specific questions, talk to your floatation center a day or two before your appointment. If you begin to feel uncomfortable, sit up and exit the tank. Many users try floating 3-5 times before discovering the true value of the experience. It takes time and experimentation to learn how floating will affect your body and mind. Call Northwest Float Center to schedule your first float today.

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