A Post-Holiday Brain Boost

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The holidays are wonderful and can be great times to bond with friends and family. They can also be overwhelming and stressful. Sometimes you need a good jumpstart to clear your thoughts and start again. Floatation is one of the many ways to refresh yourself for the New Year and begin again. If you’ve never floated before, a session at Northwest Float Center will rejuvenate your brain and body like nothing else.

Mindfulness and Floating

Scientists have been studying floatation therapy’s effects on the mind since the 1950s. In the last 50-plus years since then, public interest in meditation and mindfulness has increased. There are several ways to meditate, but Northwest Float Center recommends doing it in a float tank. Float tanks allow people to immerse themselves in total silence, without external stimulation, for the duration of a session. As the body adjusts to an environment without external stimuli, the brain and muscles relax. Floaters no longer focus on post-holiday stress or current worries. Instead, they simply let their brains go to a peaceful place where they don’t have to work as hard.

Floating and Deep Relaxation Responses

Like many other float centers, Northwest Float Center uses hundreds of pounds of Epsom salts in our tanks. Epsom salts are made from magnesium, an essential mineral responsible for over 300 bodily functions. Epsom salts soften and exfoliate the skin and soothe tired or hurting muscles, and floating helps the mind clear itself of stressful stimuli.

As you float on hundreds of pounds of Epsom salt and water, your body will go into a deep relaxation state. Our tanks’ temperatures are carefully regulated, and you always receive fresh oxygen while inside. This way, you don’t have to worry about anything, even getting too hot or too cold. Prospective clients sometimes worry they will feel like they’re drowning in a float tank, but the constant supply of oxygen helps regulate breathing. As your body reorients itself to a natural state, the stress of the holidays will float away.

Floating and Holiday Depression

Many people experience depressive symptoms over the holidays. The loss of a loved one, the stress of dealing with several relatives, and the pressure of shopping and preparing can make you feel sad and worn down, not celebratory. After the holidays, many of our clients express relief that the stress is over. Yet, they still cope with residual depression and other aftereffects.

Floating has been shown to improve depression symptoms. People who float during the holidays are often able to cope with their stress better after a session. They are able to pinpoint the sources of their stress and express when they need a break. Even if you wait until after the holidays to float, sessions will help relieve your depression and prepare you for the next stressful period.

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