Our Resolutions at NWFC

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Everyone makes resolutions to start the New Year on the right foot. At NWFC, our resolution is to continue providing excellent service and health benefits to all our wonderful customers. Maybe they’re not actually new resolutions, but we promise to continue offering our support to everyone who can benefit from these sessions.

How Floatation Therapy Works

Some potential clients are skeptical about floating. They worry they’ll feel trapped in the tank or like they are drowning. Actually, float tanks are designed to help you regulate breathing, stop fighting gravity, and feel like you are above the water rather than in it. Float tanks will not trap you; if you are claustrophobic, you can keep the tank wide open and still get the benefits of sensory deprivation.

Clients float in total darkness on several hundred pounds of Epsom salt. Epsom salt is not like table salt; it is not corrosive and won’t leave residue on your skin. It facilitates buoyancy, helping you feel weightless and comfortable in the water. It also relaxes tired or hurting muscles and joints, and helps your brain “reset” itself.

During a float session, your mind pumps out dopamine and endorphins. These naturally occurring chemicals help us feel relaxed and positive about life. During a float session, you won’t think about external stressors. You will be free to meditate, give yourself positive affirmations, or simply let yourself enjoy the absence of stimuli.

Inside a Float Session

You can schedule your float by phone or online. We ask that you arrive 15 minutes early to prepare. Before you float, a NWFC staff member will answer any questions and ensure you have what you need to feel comfortable. We recommend floating naked so your clothing does not provide stimuli. If you are uncomfortable with that, you are welcome to use a swimsuit.

You will shower inside a private room and put on earplugs before entering the float tank. Close the door behind you as you enter or leave it ajar for comfort. Float tanks are equipped with lights; you can turn them off or adjust them to the level right for you. If you fall asleep, don’t worry, a staff member will be nearby to ensure you are safe.

A typical float session lasts 75 minutes, although you can schedule a shorter or longer period. Near the end of your session, you will hear soft music designed to ease you out of floating and back into the outside world. You’ll be asked to rinse off in the shower before getting dressed.

Schedule a Float Session Today

If you’d like to schedule a float session or have other questions, contact NWFC today.

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