Northwest Float Center To Offer Tacoma’s Only Float Center Internship

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For those interested in getting float time in exchange for working at a float shop, Northwest Float Center is now operating an internship program. This hands-on opportunity is the only one of its kind in the Tacoma area.

For those interested in alternative forms of stress and pain relief, Northwest Float Center is offering an exciting new internship opportunity. As the only float center internship in the Tacoma area, this is a truly unique chance for an individual to gain practical experience.

Interns at Northwest Float Center will spend a certain amount of time working in the shop in exchange for sessions in the float tanks. These floats are a vital part of the overall training offered through this opportunity, as they allow the interns to learn more about the value of floatation therapy. In addition to floats, interns will be trained in how to run the shop and perform various tasks that will prepare them for future employment.

Since there are several colleges and universities in the area, Northwest Float Center intends to partner directly with these establishments in the future in order to work with the brightest young minds. “We are thrilled to welcome new energy into our company through the internship program,” comments Kriss Brooks, Co-Owner of Northwest Float Center. “This program allows us to provide a unique opportunity for students to enjoy the benefits of floating and gain valuable experience in the workplace at the same time.”

Any person who is interested in applying for an internship that would allow them to gain more knowledge and experience in floating can inquie by email to or call the center at (253) 212-0360.

As Tacoma’s only float center, Northwest Float Center proudly offers residents of Tacoma an alternative way to deal with stress and pain. Founded in 2013, the center is comprised of four floatation therapy tanks at plans to open its doors in September.


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