How to Make Floatation a New Family Tradition

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Holiday traditions are often ways to bond as a family and experience new things. Why not start a new tradition and try family floatation? You and your family can bond while experiencing the benefits of a floating session at NWFC.

Floating With the Family

Unlike other exercise and meditation activities that are best for adults, floating is safe and enjoyable for almost any family member. We serve clients of all ages with a variety of health histories and ability levels. Additionally, floating as a group increases the health benefits you would naturally experience floating on your own.

At NWFC, we offer floating experiences for many different families. For example, you might bring a spouse to a floating session during the early days of marriage. During this time and throughout marriage, communication is essential. Yet many couples struggle to communicate although they love each other. Floating allows couples to transcend physical boundaries and communicate honestly, even if they share no words in the floatation tank. Later, at home, couples often find it easier to discuss serious issues and everyday concerns.

We also recommend floating for parents and children. As with married couples, communication breakdowns are common between these family members. Children often feel parents stifle them with too much discipline or refuse to listen to their concerns. At the same time, parents think children do not understand their true motives of love and protection.

Floatation lets parents and children share a unique, relaxing experience. After floating, their minds and bodies will be calm, and they will have bonded without the pressure of sensory overload. This often makes it easier to air concerns and ask important questions, such as what is really going on during a child’s day away from home.

Lessening Physical Tension

Physical tension and health issues make communication difficult. While most people understand this in theory, they often struggle to put it into practice. You might find it difficult to communicate with an elderly parent or grandparent and chalk it up to their age. Actually, that person may be suffering from muscular, respiratory, or other health problems more than he or she lets on. He or she may be unwilling to open up because of not feeling well. Floating often alleviates these issues, making communication easier and more pleasant.

Additionally, floating will take your family’s mind off physical issues. In many families, one or more people suffer from chronic illnesses or struggle with disabilities. Issues like these take over family life, adding to natural tensions and escalating everyday misunderstandings. Floatation is an experience outside illness, disability, and similar issues. Our sensory deprivation tanks keep the outside world from exacerbating the issues. After a floatation session, your family will be more able to enjoy each other and focus on other things.

If you would like to learn more about family floating, contact NWFC today.

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