How to Make the Most of Your First Float Session

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To maximize the benefits of a float session, it is important for those making their first foray into floating to develop an understanding of what the experience will be like. Even if you understand the process of floating, there are many practical details that might take you by surprise. Before your first float session, make sure to consider the following guidelines in order to make the most of your experience:

1. Remove All Eye Makeup

Even though you will be floating on your back, eye makeup may make you uncomfortable during the float session. Since saltwater is heavy and will cling to mascara, it can get in your eyes and cause discomfort. To avoid this problem, simply remove all of your makeup before entering the float tank.

2. Abstain From Caffeine

Since caffeine causes a type of adrenaline rush, it can prevent the body from completely relaxing in the tank. The point of a float session is to achieve total relaxation, so caffeine can be highly problematic. Most float centers recommend avoiding caffeine for the whole day when you have a float session scheduled.

3. Don’t Shave in Advance

When immersed in saltwater, any small nicks and abrasions can be painful. Shaving can create abrasions or skin irritations, so avoid shaving for a day or two before your float session.

4. Shower Thoroughly Before and After

Before entering the float tank, rinse off in the shower to get rid of any dirt and toxins that may be clinging to your skin. After floating, a more thorough shower is advisable to get all the saltwater out of your skin and hair. Most float centers provide a luxurious place to shower.

5. Don’t Be Shy – Get Naked!

Although first-time floaters might feel shy about entering the float tank naked, floating in the nude is the most effective way to enjoy the benefits of floatation therapy. Bathing suits are certainly permitted, but the way they pull on your skin will likely detract from the experience. Floating naked allows you to experience complete sensory deprivation.

As you prepare to float for the first time, don’t hesitate to discuss any fears or concerns with the staff at your float center. Floatation therapy usually seems strange the first time, but it is so relaxing and beneficial that you’ll be hooked after one float session. To experience the many benefits of floatation therapy in Tacoma, Washington, pay a visit to Northwest Float Center!

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