Just Relax, People! 4 People in Need of Floatation Therapy

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Every year, Forbes.com releases its list of the 10 most stressful jobs. Among these are military personnel, firefighters, pilots, and Fortune 500 executives. While there is obviously cause for stress in these people, there is also a need for relaxation. Thanks to floatation therapy, even these folks can de-stress from time to time.

Most Stressful Jobs of 2014

According to the Forbes.com list, here are some of the most stressful jobs of 2014:

  • Enlisted Military Personnel. There are few jobs where employees put their lives on the line every single day. Being an enlisted member of the military is one such profession. Whether you are on the frontlines facing direct combat or in a command center responsible for the lives and well-being of hundreds or thousands of soldiers, it is incredibly stressful and difficult.
  • Firefighters. On the home front, firefighters may have the most dangerous job. When everyone else is leaving a building, these heroes are entering harm’s way. They often find themselves in precarious situations with burning and falling structures littering their pathway.
  • Pilots. If you think about the responsibility of transporting hundreds of people through the air in a small metal cylinder at high speeds, you begin to understand the levels of stress a pilot can encounter. Whether it’s dealing with last minute flight path changes, dangerous weather, crowded airports, or the threat of terrorism, being a pilot isn’t as simple as it may appear.
  • Fortune 500 Executives. Your life doesn’t have to be on the line to have a stressful job. Fortune 500 executives may appear like they have it all together, but that often comes at a high price. While it could be fun to ride around in expensive private jets or eat three-course dinners every night, what goes on behind the scenes is usually quite stressful. Billion dollar deals, demanding clients, and the cut-throat nature of the corporate environment can all lead to major stress.

Floatation Therapy at Northwest Float Center

Thankfully, there are effective and safe remedies for stress. Floatation therapy is one such way. Used by athletes, meditators, business executives, and everyone in between, floatation therapy is extremely helpful at promoting relaxation and diminishing the physical effects of stress.

For more information on how floatation therapy can help you combat stress, contact Northwest Float Center today. We would be happy to help you schedule an appointment or answer any questions you may have.

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