I’m Claustrophobic—Can I Still Float?

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Even if you’ve read about the incredible mental, spiritual, and physical benefits of floating, it can still be scary for some people. Experiencing claustrophobia, however, doesn’t mean you can’t try this phenomenal therapy. Hundreds of people have stepped past their reservations to enjoy the truly unique experience of floating.

Q: The tanks look small. How much room will I have?

A: At Northwest Float Center, our tanks are more than large enough to accommodate the average person. In fact, they’re designed so that your body can float in the center without touching the walls on any side. It can be hard to tell from the images, but they’re actually quite roomy on the inside. Most people have no trouble and can sit up comfortably within.

Q: The lid will be closed. How will I get enough air?

A: There’s always fresh oxygen. We pump air into the tank via a hose, so you can breathe easily. Plus, the large open space includes enough oxygen for several more hours than you’ll spend within the tank.

Q: What if I get trapped?

A: You won’t! Both sides of the door feature a handle, so it’s always a breeze to open the hatch. There are no locks on any of our tanks, and the hinges operate smoothly and dependably.

Q: What if I have a panic attack?
A: The environment within the tank is designed to be extremely relaxing, so chances are that you’ll be able to start unwinding in just a few minutes. On the off chance that you do panic, you can open the door whenever you like. You can even exit the tank, take a few minutes, and reenter.

Q: What if I decide that I no longer want to go through the therapy?
A: We encourage you try to focus on the warmth and weightlessness, but by no means will you be forced to continue. If at any time you’d like to cut the session short, all you have to do is leave the tank and room.

Bonus! Q: Can floating really help me overcome my fears?

A: Absolutely. Exposure therapy is the most effective way to combat phobias. Spending time within the tank can help you train your mind to realize that there’s no danger within the space. Repeated visits may strengthen this understanding and branch out into other areas of your life.

Fear is hard to deal with, but you don’t have to let claustrophobia hold you back. Remember, you’re in complete control of the situation every time you float. A happier, more relaxed version of yourself is just 75 minutes away.

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