How Floating Helps Sports Injuries

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Many people enjoy athletics, but with them comes the risk of injury, especially if you play contact sports. Many sports professionals encourage floating for training, injury recovery, and prevention. The many benefits of floatation therapy fit into two categories: psychological and physical.

First, we will explore the psychological benefits to floating:

Mental Training

Every athlete knows mental preparation is just as important as physical. Many athletes spend time before each competition “playing” the sport mentally. They see their body take perfect form; their reaction time is quick; and, execution is flawless.

When this mental training happens in a float tank, the results are magnified. This is because the body and mind are intensely relaxed and void of external stimuli, allowing the mind to focus completely.

Improved Focus

Floating also improves mental focus allowing athletes to perform their best during every competition. Decreased anxiety is another benefit to floating. The deep relaxation experienced both mentally and physically has a lasting effect on athletes.

The floating benefits continue into the physical realm for athletes:

Loosen Muscles

Floating loosens tight muscles to prevent injury during performance. Floating also releases endorphins that allow athletes to react more quickly to improve performance and prevent injury. Epsom salt provides added relaxation, plus it builds protein in joints. The combination results in less tension afterward.

Increased Awareness of Sensations

Many athletes float after every performance. Floaters note an increased awareness of every body part while floating. This heightened awareness allows athletes to address previously unnoticed tension in their body and alert their physician before it becomes serious.

Improved Healing

Floating removes all body weight from the person’s skeletal system and muscles to encourage a high state of physical relaxation. The addition of Epsom salt further reduces the impact on sore muscles and strained joints. Oxygen intake and blood pressure are reduced while blood flow increases.

This process removes cortisol, adrenaline, and lactate that may build up during performance. All these effects are beneficial to athletes, expediting recovery time. Floatation therapy creates an ideal situation for recovery far exceeding standard bed rest.

CrossFit athletes, MMA fighters, and long distance runners have been utilizing floatation therapy for some time. Several major league football teams are incorporating it into their standard practices. Whether you’re a professional athlete, or play a sport for exercise or hobby, you can benefit from floating. Try it out today and experience the results for yourself. Contact us at Northwest Float Center to schedule an appointment.

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