How Floatation Therapy in Washington Can Benefit You

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Floatation therapy has numerous benefits. In Washington, Northwest Float Center is a great place for your first time experiencing the many benefits of floatation. Floatation has been proven to assist in relieving a number of different conditions, ranging from stress to migraines. While some may view floatation as a fake, New Age treatment, once they experience floatation, they experience the pleasant sensations and feel its benefits.

Overview: The Benefits of Floatation

There are many conditions that floatation has been proven by experience to assist with. These include stress, chronic and muscular pain, anxiety, back pain, depression, insomnia, jet lag, pre-menstrual stress, post-natal depression, migraines, rheumatism, high blood pressure, and fatigue fertility. One piece of floatation’s secret is the Epsom salt. Epsom salt is known to be good for your skin, and it is also a muscle relaxant. In addition, Epsom salt can draw out lactic acid from muscles to help healing. Floatation also improves your circulation and lowers your blood pressure because of the weightless feeling.

Floatation and Pain

Floatation has been proven to relieve all kinds of pain. It works with chronic pain from conditions such as fibromyalgia as well as stress related pain from mental illnesses such as depression. Floatation also works to relieve back pain, pain from migraines, and muscular pain. The reason that floatation is so effective in treating pain is because it releases the body’s natural painkillers: endorphins. Endorphins, hormones that control pain, are released because the extreme relaxation of floatation. Many patients suffering from chronic pain have reported feeling pain relief from floatation, and studies have shown how effective floatation is for pain.

Floatation and Fertility

Another lesser-known benefit of floatation revolves around fertility. Floatation provides even more relaxation than bed rest, and many believe that floatation has the same benefits for helping with natural conception and IVF conception. Floatation relaxes the body and mind, providing a good mental and physical state for conception. Conception can often be inhibited by stress, and floatation can give you relief in your process of trying to create new life.

Floatation and Insomnia

Another excellent benefit of floatation is that it can help relieve insomnia. Floatation reduces stress and provides the complete relaxation you need for sleep. Sleep is most often negatively affected by stress, which throws off our natural sleep cycles. By using floatation therapy, you will provide your body with extreme relaxation, both physical and mental. This level of relaxation has been proven to help you with falling asleep at night.

The benefits are virtually endless. Want to know more? Feel free to continue to read our blog or you can contact us for more info. We hope to see you when we open our doors next month!


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