Host Defense: Mushroom Supplements for a Healthy Lifestyle

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Host Defense mushroom capsules, extracts, sprays, and MycoBotanicals boost the body’s immune systems, reduce stress and fatigue, and provide support for routine metabolic and environmental assaults. Northwest Float Center is proud to bring Host Defense products to the residents of Tacoma.

MycoShield Spray  

The MycoShield spray combines five mushroom species to provide a one-of-a-kind shield for immune system support. The spray comes in a convenient travel-size bottle and is flavored with certified organic peppermint oil for a refreshing taste. This dietary supplement is an easy-to-take and delicious way to give your system a boost and fend off illness, at home or on the go.


Host Defense Maitake dietary supplement is made with Maitake mushrooms from the hardwood forests. This mushroom has been the subject of worldwide studies and is proven to support normal cell growth. Maitake is rich in 1,3, 1,4, and 1,6 Beta-D glucans to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Lion’s Mane

The Lion’s Mane supplement comes from the aptly named mushroom, which resembles a mane of white cascading spikes. The mushroom supports the brain and nervous system, providing healthy polysaccharides, glycoproteins, ergosterols, and triterpenoids. These are essential myco-nutrients to support natural immunity, mental clarity, focus, and memory.


The Reishi mushroom supplement supports cardiovascular system health and is the number-one selling nutraceutical mushroom species in the world. Taking Host Defense Reishi supports energy and stamina, and it enhances the body’s natural ability to adapt to stress.

Reishi Extract

Reishi extract is purity assured and triple extracted for optimized value. Host Defense Reishi extract is made with organic Reishi mushrooms grown in the U.S, used at their peak life cycle. The mushroom is well-known around the world for its power to promote a healthy heart and overall wellness.


Host Defense Cordyceps is a perfect organic alternative to chemical energy supplements. Cordyceps may support increased oxygen uptake, leading to higher endurance levels. Professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts use Cordyceps to support energy and stamina, as well as to boost the body’s metabolic system and support healthy libido.


MyCommunity is Host Defense’s patented 17-mushroom-species formula for comprehensive immune support. It encourages resistance to a variety of environmental and cellular assaults. This formula provides a diverse range of elements to balance the immune system and is the most inclusive supplement in the Host Defense product line.

For more information about Host Defense mushroom dietary supplements and to try them for yourself today, get in touch with our team at Northwest Float Center.

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  1. Mike Jones

    Mushroom is a good food supplement especially for boosting immunity and to have a healthy skin. It also relaxes our mind and body while having your float therapy massage.

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