Why the Holidays Are the Perfect Time for Float Gift Cards

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Finding the right gift can be difficult – especially if you’re a last-minute shopper or looking for a present for someone who’s hard to please. Floatation gift cards from the Northwest Float Center make a wonderful choice for almost anyone on your shopping list.

Quick, Simple Gifts

Gift cards from Northwest Float Center are “one size fits all.” Your recipient won’t have to exchange a card because it doesn’t fit, is the wrong color, or otherwise doesn’t “work.” The Northwest Float Center offers floatation experiences to fit any need. Whether your recipient is a longtime floater or has yet to reap floating’s benefits, a gift card is perfect for him or her.

Additionally, NWFC gift cards make great party gifts. Many people like playing “Dirty Santa,” where participants “steal” gifts and end up with random, fun items. However, some of these items are not useful. Others are inappropriate; for example, a diabetic might randomly end up with a box of gourmet chocolates. A NWFC gift card is appropriate and useful for anyone.

The Gift of an Experience

Material gifts often lose their luster. However, a Northwest Float Center gift card is the gift of an experience, not an item. Long after the float is over, your recipient will remember how wonderful it was. He or she might come back to NWFC and become a long-term client.

At NWFC, we promise a unique getaway from everyday stress. Our sensory deprivation tanks let you shut out sights, sounds, and smells that might disrupt your experience. Inside the tank, your muscles will relax and your brain will stop firing stress-inducing signals. Many clients meditate while floating; others simply enjoy not thinking about anything for a while.

Health Benefits

Floating carries health benefits for many different clients. If you need to exercise more but find it difficult because of loose or tight muscles, floating helps your muscles relax and return to their natural state. Floating also helps people with anxiety, PTSD, and other psychological disorders. Although it is not a “cure,” floatation helps these clients cope with triggers outside the floating environment. Eventually, triggering may occur less often.

Anyone can float regardless of body shape, health history, or cognitive ability. Our clients range from thin to obese. Some have several health issues while others are in optimum health. Young people, the elderly, the able-bodied, and the physically or mentally disabled benefit from floatation sessions. Floating is safe; our staff monitors sessions without disturbing the client.

If you would like to give a loved one a NWFC gift card, contact us today to learn about your options.

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