Give Yourself the Valentine’s Day Gift of Relaxation

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Traditional Valentine’s gifts are…boring. Everyone expects roses, chocolates, or stuffed animals. This year, it’s time to consider a present with more meaning and much greater benefits. At the Northwest Float Center, we believe that self-care is an integral part of wellness. Flowers die and candy is bad for your health, but floatation nurtures both the body and the mind.

A Gift for Any Situation

One of the best things about floatation is it’s such a flexible gift. You can treat your significant other to a session they’ll love and remember. Make it a double date, or just give the give of relaxation to yourself. No matter your romantic situation, floating is a choice you don’t want to skip over.

Floatation Compliments Other Plans

Although a floating session makes a perfect standalone present, it also works well with other gifts. What better way to prepare for a relaxing and romantic dinner than by clearing your mind and rejuvenating your body? Or, you could have a session after watching a movie and let the plot line replay for a second time.

Floatation goes well with other kinds of gifts, too. Bringing home a bottle of your significant other’s favorite wine? Floating before you curl up on the couch with a glass will make it even more relaxing. And the eased mood can help the two of you put everything else out of your mind so you can focus on each other.

Floatation Means Money Well Spent

Some Valentine’s gifts are wasteful or even downright useless – like that pricey cologne he never wears or the teddy bear she put in the closet six months ago. Some presents lose their novelty and others just don’t suit the person to begin with. A floatation session, on the other hand, promotes physical and mental wellbeing. And there are few investments as important as your health.

Floatation also fits everyone. You don’t have to worry about your gift being the wrong size, color, or scent at NWFC. And if your loved one has apprehensions about being in the tank, we’re more than happy to explain why it’s a perfectly safe and wonderful experience.

So this holiday, it’s up to you. Do you want your gift to go into a pile and be forgotten, or do you want something that will change their (or your) life for the better? At NWFC, we think the answer is pretty obvious.

We’ll be waiting for you.

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