How to Gain Mental Clarity through Floating

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For many students, it can feel like a constant struggle to gain mental clarity in the midst of the school year. With so many pressures from school as well as your home life, you may feel unable to relax and let everything go in order to concentrate on your schoolwork. One of the most reliable ways to help your mind deal with this tension is floatation therapy.

How Does Floatation Therapy Work?

Floatation therapy is based on the idea of using sensory deprivation to promote relaxation and healing. When you visit a float center, you’ll enter a tank with a layer of lukewarm water infused with Epsom salts. Once you close the tank, you can float in the salty water with no distractions for your senses of touch, hearing, or sight. It may seem strange, but once you adjust to the environment, floating is incredibly relaxing and offers a myriad of benefits.

For instance, when you’re in the middle of a busy school year, you may not be getting adequate amounts of sleep each night. However, spending one short hour in a float tank can provide the same level of rest that you get from several hours of sleep. That feeling of awakening from a deep sleep when you leave the tank will allow you to face the challenges of being a student with a more positive attitude.

Mental Benefits for Students

Once you’ve begun to add floating to your routine, you will experience a host of mental benefits. For one thing, floatation therapy allows you to let go of the mental clutter that accompanies your average day. As you release all of the anxiety and stress of the day, you can gain a new sense of peace that helps you to mentally prepare to deal with schoolwork.

In addition, floating helps inspire new sources of creativity by stimulating the right side of the brain. As you let your mind drift in the tank, use your time to consider problems that you are facing at school. Without the distractions caused by sensory overload, you may discover innovative new ways to deal with your issues. In fact, floatation therapy can have such a profound effect on your creative energy that many artists float in order to gain new inspiration or get past a creative block.

If you’re a student, don’t hesitate to incorporate floating into your regular routine. Even though floating is not exactly inexpensive, the benefits are entirely worth the cost.  You might consider getting a membership at your local float center so that you can spend time floating once or twice a month.

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  1. Stephen Pegg

    I have always wondered about this over the last 4 years I have gone threw a major change in how I think and how my body is changing inside like the brain its different then before I am 38 now and when I was 34… The pineal gland started to resonate giving the sensation of the 3rd eye as they call it…. I know its not really a 3rd eye on the forehead but the pineal gland has a direct link to your iris of the eyes that can give you a little more then normal voltage to give you a weak vision of other frequencies that are very near our reality…. Its pretty cool and this feeling will travel all around the ridge of the mid point of the scull to make it feel like you have a crown on…. Now its not a real thing but it feels like it…. Getting a cat scan will not show anything wrong with the brain but its a built in function of the brain with the use of the timing crystal in the center of the brain called the pineal gland…. I have wondered if others who have had this go into one of those tanks did they have something different happen when in it???

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